Amelia Earhart - Personal Information

1897 July 24, born in Atchison, Kansas, to Edwin and Amy Otis Earhart

1908 Saw her first airplane at the Iowa State Fair

1916 Entered the Ogontz School near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1918 Became a nurse's aide at Spadina Military Hospital in Toronto, Canada

1919 Enrolled as a premedical student at Columbia University in New York

1920 Took her first airplane ride

1921 Took her first flying lessons from Neta Snook

1922 Purchased her first airplane

1926 Became a social worker at Denison House in Boston

1929 Helped organize The Ninety-Nines, Inc.

1931 February 7, married George Putnam

1935 September 1, joined the faculty of Purdue University as a female career consultant

1937 Attempted flight around the world


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