Atchison Daily Globe, January 14, 1935

Atchison's Proud Day

All hail Amelia Earhart Putnam, Atchison's own!

Saturday she broke all aviation records by becoming the first flier to zoom across the Pacific Ocean from Honolulu to California in a solo flight.

She did the trick with ease, and not content with the record, she skirted the coast for miles before landing.

Amelia physically is just a bit of femininity, but is wiry, and has the courage of the most stalwart soldier. She is modest, and doesn't talk much about herself, but she is a bundle of tremendous energy. And when she gets ready to do the thrilling, she just goes quietly ahead and does it.


Atchison and Kansas are proud of Amelia and congratulate her for having become a maker of world history. Atchison also felicitates are on her poise -- great as she is, her modesty is delightful. And we believe her to be at heart more of a scientist than mere adventurer.

Meanwhile, Amelia, please make arrangements to come back to the old home town soon, and we'll put on a banquet as will be a banquet.