Atchison Daily Globe, June 6, 1935

Atchison's Guest

This is a picture of Amelia Earhart Putnam, who tomorrow is to be the guest of the Kansas Editorial association, which convenes here for two days, and Atchison's guest as well. It will be the first time Atchison has had an opportunity to honor the famous aviatrix who was born and reared here. The following is a brief sketch of the life of this famous young woman.

Amelia Earhart Putnam was born here July 24, 1898, and spent her girlhood here, later moving to Kansas City. Her father was E.S. Earhart, now dead. Her mother was Amy Otis, eldest daughter of Judge and Mrs. A.G. Otis. Mrs. Earhart now lives at Stafford, Conn. Amelia Attended the College Preparatory school here, then the public schools in Kansas City and was graduated in 1915 from the Hyde Park High school there. She spent the following two years in war work as a V.A.D. nurse in Toronto, Canada.

Determined above all else to become a flier, Amelia took her first lesson in flying in 1920. She purchased her first airplane with finances she and her mother could scrape together. Her mother borrowed $400 on some property she owned in Kansas City, much to the disapproval of Amelia's uncle, A.M. Earhart of Kansas City.

Amelia spent the following years concentrating on her flying and mastering the mechanisms of all types of planes. Eight years after she took up flying, June 17 and 19, 1928, she was a passenger in a trans-Atlantic flight. She later related that she then became determined to pilot a plane across the Atlantic and in four more years she accomplished this. She was the first woman to pilot a ship across that ocean.

Amelia has collected quite a number of firsts among women as well as among men. The following are some of her records:

First woman to fly the Atlantic alone.

First person to span the Atlantic twice.

First woman awarded the distinguished flying cross by congress.

First woman to make a trans-continental non-stop flight.

First woman to fly an autogyro.

First woman to fly from Honolulu to the United States.

First person to make a non-stop flight from Mexico City to New York.

Amelia established a women's transcontinental flight record of 19 hours and 14 minutes July 13, 1932, when she became the first woman to make a non-stop flight across the United States.

Amelia's latest achievement occurred last month when she flew to Mexico City from California and then blazed a path in the air from that city to New York. It was immediately after her arrival in New York that she accepted the invitation to come to Atchison.

In January this year Amelia added to her laurels when she made a 2,400 mile air journey from Hawaii, landing safely at Oakland, Calif.

Her marriage to George Palmer Putnam occurred February 7, 1931. Mr. Putnam aids her in preparation for her flights now.

Atchison is proud of Amelia and has every right to be.