47th Annual Convention of the
Kansas State Editorial Association
Friday and Saturday, June 7 and 8, 1935

Our Guest of Honor

For the Editorial Convention Will Be This City's Most Distinguished and Widely Known Product,

Amelia Earhart

She was born in Atchison, July 24, 1898, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Earhart, and a member of one of the city's pioneer families.

Thirty years later, in 1928, Amelia Earhart became an internationally known figure in aviation by participating in a trans-Atlantic flight from America to Europe ... the first woman to fly either the Atlantic or the Pacific ocean.

Four years later she flew the Atlantic alone, the first woman to "solo" across that vast expanse of water.

As a flyer Amelia Earhart is without an equal, establishing records with an ease and determination which is astounding.

Atchison is proud of Amelia, and all of the city joins in welcoming her "home" tomorrow.