Tour of Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum - Main Floor

Front Parlor (left of the entry hall)

A portrait of Amelia's grandmother hangs here. You'll also find a small walnut drop-leaf table, belonging to Amelia, donated to the museum by her sister, Muriel. The parlor is furnished to the period when Amelia lived in the home, 1897-1909. A large mirror hangs above the fireplace. The carpeting has been replace with oriental-style wool carpeting to resemble the original turn-of-the-century common to the Midwest. An antique settee, an attorney chair, a piano, and lace curtains adorn the room.

Second Parlor/Library

A large curio can be found in this reading room, exemplifying the high value placed upon education by Amelia's parents and grandparents. Amelia was an avid reader and student. A period desk rests in the room's corner with historic displays.

Sun Room

This room may have initially been used as a breakfast or sewing room. Through the south windows, one can see into the yard, where local school children have constructed a half-scale model of Amelia and Muriel's famous backyard roller coaster. A Lockheed Electra 10E model airplane is suspended on display in the room. The model is a replica of the plane in which Amelia made her last flight in 1937.

Original Kitchen
Original kitchen and souvenir area.  Probably one of the oldest parts of the home.  The little door in the west wall is a serving pass-through to the formal dining room.  On exhibit are items related to the 99s, large photo of Amelia's take off from Oakland, CA to Hawaii in March 1937 and photographs of the 1988 visit of Amelia's sister Muriel to the museum.  A collection of souvenirs ranging from t-shirts, hats, bookmarks, postcards, newspaper reprint, posters, jewelry, dolls, mugs and much more are available for purchase in this room.

Formal Dining Room
Click here to view larger image The formal dining room was completed in 1873 and newly restored in 2005.  It shows original stainglass windows and ceiling design.

Butler's Pantry (now used as an exhibit room)Click on image to enlarge
This was a room where dinner service pieces were stored, and where fresh produce was cleaned. The room, where Amelia and Muriel occasionally had their lunch, is now decorated with pictorial exhibits of Amelia's life. A replica of a red Vega airplane is suspended in this room. Maps depicting theories regarding her last flight are displayed. The interactive kiosk occupies a prominent area and is quite popular with tourists.

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North Parlor/Judge's Parlor Click here to view larger image

Now used as an exhibit room, this room initially served as a dining area prior to the completion of the home's formal dining room in 1873. The room was later used as a study by Amelia's grandfather. A bronze bust of the famous aviator adorns the room, as well as an oil portrait of Amelia and her husband George Palmer Putnam. The beautiful marriage certificate of Amelia to George Palmer Putnam on February 7, 1931 is displayed near the portrait. Another lovely curio featuring other women aviators and a Ruth Nichols display add much interest.

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