Tour of Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum - 2nd Floor

The Landing
As we climb the stairs, we find the caretaker's suite. Originally composed of three bedrooms, this section of the home is closed to the public. The suite has a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and large finished storage room.

Large South Bedroom Click on image to enlarge

Large windows allow for a beautiful view of the Missouri River. A replica of Amelia's Jenny Lind spool bed, adorned with a Nine-Patch quilt of the era resides in the room's west corner, where Amelia was born on July 24, 1897. The wall which initially divided this area into two smaller rooms was removed in 1921. The master bedroom originally occupied the east end of the room.

Click on image to enlargeThe room is filled with a variety of keepsakes, including: a glass-front cupboard, holding special items of the Otis/Earhart family; Amelia's pillow cases and white linens; Amelia's hope chest; and a set of officially endorsed Amelia Earhart luggage. Such endorsements helped Amelia finance her flying. Amelia's desk, a gift from her sister, Muriel, resides in one corner.

Upper Hall and North Bedrooms

Click here to view larger imageThe upper hall has two large Gothic doors, which open onto the roof of the front porch. A restoration of the decorative porch railing was installed in 1999. An oil painting of Amelia and her first plane, a Kinner Airster, hangs in the hallway. The northeast bedroom was Amelia's room. A replica of a woman's suit, designed by Amelia, is also on display. Amelia wore a similar suit in a 1935 Atchison parade, the last time she visited Atchison. A period dollClick here to view larger image buggy adorns the room. This room affords another beautiful view of the wide Missouri River. The second bedroom is dedicated to archives and the museum office. Appointments by researchers and students are necessary for use of this room.

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